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Please review the tour options, policies, guidelines, and exhibition information and dates before submitting your Visit Request Form.

Group Information
Contact Information
On Site Contact Information
  • If Primary Contact will not be attending the visit, please give contact information for a group leader who will accompany the group.
Visit Date and Time
  • The Museum building and exhibitions are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, Columbus Day through Memorial Day and in between exhibition cycles.
  • Guided and Self-Guided Tours are available during the days and hours listed here.
  • Guided Tours of the Sculpture Park or Museum last 45 minutes each; you are welcome to stay longer.
  • Proposed dates: please list 2 or 3 options, each with date plus arrival and departure times.
Group Type

If you would like a tour geared towards people with mobility challenges (available in the Sculpture Park only), please denote in the request box above. We will gladly accommodate your group accordingly.

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To provide accurate group pricing amount, please note:

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