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Amy Kaufman


Monotype; 33 x 25”

Marjorie Kaye

The Sleeper at the Core of the World

Colored pencil on Bristol, 24 x 28”


Zehra Khan

Wild Yellow and Red (detail)
Watercolor and ink on paper; 16 ½" x 19 ½”

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Julia Kidd

Home is where you House is III
Silkscreen on wallpaper, 26 x 34”

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Rebecca Kinkead


Acrylic and mixed media on panel, 48 x 48”

Roberta Kovner


Oil on canvas, 36 x 24”


Dorothy Simpson Krause

Field of Gold

Digital collage on nonwoven fiber, 24 x 24”
Judith Scott Larsen


Oil on canvas, 25 ½  x 31 ½”
Luke Lepore

Schipper Farms

Oil on canvas, 64 x 64”
Susan LeVan

Black Rhinoceros (Dust)

Mixed media on canvas, 64 x 60”



Eric Lewandowski

The OldColonyBridge

Silver gelatin print, 24 x 78” total
Jan Lhormer
Blue Heron
Oil on canvas with handmade paper, 38 x 56”
Judith Liberman

New Interior 8B

Acrylic on canvas, 24 x 18”



Lisa Lindgren


Oil on canvas, 81 x 50”



Lara Loutrel


Etching, 20 x 16”


Nancy Marculewicz

Flame Tree, C.R.

Acrylic on canvas, 26 x 22”
Lydia Martin


Oil on canvas, 48 x 36”
Max Mason

Drumlin Farm

Oil on canvas, 25 x 37”
Erica Mason

Cellscape A
Ink on paper, 26" x 26”

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Maura McGurk

Bird by Bird Redux

Acrylic on canvas, 46 ½ x 55”
Claudine Metrick


Acrylic and college on panel, 24 x 24"

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Gustaf Miller


Acrylic on canvas, 38 x 44”


Jan Miller


Acrylic on canvas, 46 x 50”
Leslie Miller-Medoff

Sunset at Potomska Point

Oil on canvas, 21 x 27 ½”
Anette Millington

Static Lift

Mixed media on canvas, 52 x 50”