DeCordova presents PAINT THINGS: beyond the stretcher, on view this winter


Claire Ashley, DOUBLE DISCO, 2012
rehearsal still, Defibrillator Performance Space Chicago, IL
two performers, spray paint on PVC coated canvas tarpaulin, blower fans, and backpacks
Courtesy of the artist.

Katie Bell, The Remnants, 2011
wood, acrylic, carpet, foam, plastic, plaster, and window blinds on wall, 7 x 11 feet
Courtesy of the artist.

Sarah Cain, so there, it's air, 2012
plastic, cardboard, bench, beads, string, palm frond, rock, gloss, acrylic, canvas, stretcher bars and silver leaf on wall and floor, dimensions variable,
Courtesy of the artist and Honor Fraser Gallery, Los Angeles, CA.
Photo: Josh White. (so there, it's air was installed as part of Cain's 2012 solo show, freedom is a prime number, at Honor Fraser Gallery).

Franklin Evans, timecompressionmachine, 2010
mixed media installation, MoMA PS1 Greater New York
Courtesy of the artist and Sue Scott Gallery, New York, NY.
Photo Credit: Stuart Stelzer.

Kate Gilmore, Break of Day, 2010, wood, paint, ceramics
Courtesy of the artist.

Analia Saban, The Painting Ball (48 Abstract, 42 Landscapes, 23 Still Lives, 11 Portraits, 2 Religious, 1 Nude), 2005
oil, acrylic, watercolor on canvas, 26 x 26 x 26 inches
Image courtesy of Thomas Solomon Gallery, Los Angeles, CA.
Photo: Joshua White.

Jessica Stockholder, 2008
framed oil painting from TJ Maxx, green plastic, brown plastic, bamboo bead mat, yarn, cloth, copper, plastic bits, thread, lexel caulk, oil and acrylic paint, hardware, 29 x 27 x 8 inches
Courtesy of Anne & Joel Ehrenkranz.

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