Current Exhibitions

Wardell Milan, Sunday, Sitting on the Bank of Butterfly Meadow, 2013
June 3—December 31, 2019

For this PLATFORM rotation, New York-based artist Wardell Milan adapts one of his lush, intricate...

DeCordova New England Biennial 2019
April 5—September 15, 2019
DeCordova New England Biennial 2019 presents a survey of contemporary art of N...
Joseph Wardwell, Change Will Do You Good
April 5—September 15, 2019

Window Arcade Gallery

The display of this painting in deCordova’s Window Arcade...

PLATFORM 22: Cat Mazza, Taking the Cure
July 20, 2018—October 14, 2019

Cat Mazza is a mid-career artist whose work focuses on textiles and technology. She often works c...

PLATFORM 21: Saul Melman, Best Of All Possible Worlds
May 9, 2018—October 14, 2019

Melman’s art explores processes of alchemy and transformation. An emergency room physician,...

Letha Wilson, Hawaii California Steel (Figure Ground), 2017
May 22, 2017—May 31, 2020

Hawaii California Steel (Figure Ground) brings large-scale photography to the Sculpture ...