PLATFORM 1: Andrew Mowbray, Tempest Prognosticator

PLATFORM 1: Andrew Mowbray, Tempest Prognosticator
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On View 2009 - 2010
Exhibition Location: Roof Terrace

Boston-based artist Andrew Mowbray inaugurates the PLATFORM program. Mowbray investigates the life of objects through a mixture of sculpture and performance, questioning the boundaries between body and object in the process. For PLATFORM 1, Mowbray presents Tempest Prognosticator, a series of works that explore our contemporary relationship with weather. The title of this exhibition is derived from an ornate Victorian device created to forecast weather conditions using leaches. Mowbray uses the controlled conditions of the gallery as a lens for observation, comparing its supposed sterile, objective nature to a scientific laboratory. He literally interjects his body into the process by using it as an instrument of measurement—wearing a human-scaled anemometer or over-sized umbrella. This exhibition includes sculpture, performance video, and drawing. As a response to deCordova's site as the highest point in Lincoln, Massachusetts, Mowbray has created his largest drawing machine to date for the Phyllis and Jerome Lyle Rappaport Roof Terace. Please be sure to visit it on the 6th floor. Organized by Assistant Curator Dina Deitsch.

PLATFORM is a series of solo exhibitions by early- and mid-career artists from both the New England and national arts communities. These shows focus on work that engages with deCordova's unique architectural spaces and social, geographical, and physical location. The PLATFORM series is intended as a support for creativity and expression of new ideas, and as a catalyst for dialogue about contemporary art. The exhibition is accompanied by a full-color brochure

The 2009-10 PLATFORM series is funded in part by James and Audrey Foster.