RUBBERS: Martha Friedman

RUBBERS: Martha Friedman
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On View Sep 18, 2010 - Jan 09, 2011
Exhibition Location: Foster Galleries

In her sculptures Brooklyn-based artist Martha Friedman depicts tricks and balancing acts, while arguing for the possible sexual connotation in everything. Referencing the history of art, from high modernist abstraction to minimalism to the Duchampian ready-made, Friedman is interested in locating the point at which common objects slip into abstraction and, even more so, eroticism. As a result, food, which is so deeply connected to the body, emerges as one of her subjects, as do quotidian objects like rubber bands and eggs in conglomerations that are beautiful, witty, and often set up visual and verbal double-entendres.

For her first solo museum exhibition in the Northeast, Friedman presents RUBBERS, a collection of cast rubber sculptures that explore the nature of sculptural and bodily materiality through food items and rubber's most ubiquitous form: the rubber band. Implicating the human body through substance, subject matter, and scale, Friedman's work presents the material of sculpture through the material condition of the body. In doing so, she exposes the underlying connection between objects, bodies, and their histories.

Watch Martha Friedman at work in her studio while she discusses her artistic process.


Artist Talk: Martha Friedman
Saturday, November 6, 3 pm
Free with museum admission
Eye Wonder: Guest Artist Martha Friedman
Sunday, November 7, 1–3 pm
Free with museum admission
Curator Talk: Associate Curator Dina Deitsch
Sunday, November 14, 3 pm
Free with museum admission
Process Gallery
Please visit the Process Gallery on the 3rd floor to learn more about Martha Friedman's creative process.
Free with museum admission