Trojan Piggybank, Actual Size Artworks
Actual Size Artworks
Wood, steel

Aristotle Georgiades born in Pittsburgh, PA
Gail Simpson born in Baltimore, MD

Work in Stoughton, WI
Carl Andre (b. 1935), Sphinges, 1985
Carl Andre
sixteen units of eastern pine

Born 1935 in Quincy, MA
Lives and works in New York, NY

Tree Lantern Drawing, Barbara Andrus
Barbara Andrus
Douglas fir

Born 1952, Boston, MA
Works in New York, NY

Skirts and Pants (after Duchamp), Ilan Averbuch
Ilan Averbuch
Etched glass, wood

Born 1953, Tel Aviv, Israel
Works in Long Island City, NY

My Three Lilies, Ilan Averbuch
Ilan Averbuch

Born 1953, Tel Aviv, Israel
Works in Long Island City, NY

Rathin Barman, Untitled
Rathin Barman
mixed media

Born 1981
Lives and works in Kolkata, India

Morphology Field Station for Sensing Place, Bartow + Metzgar
Bartow + Metzgar
Mixed media

Paul Bartow lives and works in Watkins Glen, NY
Richard Metzgar lives and works in Oswego, NY

Black Magnolia II, David Bates
David Bates
Bronze and Steel

Born 1952 Dallas, TX
Works in Dallas, TX


Attraction, Balance, Crossed (detail), David Berry
David Berry
stainless steel, cast glass, plastic, rubber

Born 1970, Concord, MA
Works in Groton, MA

Sisters, Bob Boemig
Bob Boemig
Steel, soil, myrtle

Born 1953, Montague, MA
Lives and works West Chesterfield, NH