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Cones, Ronald Gonzales
Ronald Gonzales
Steel, natural materials

Born 1952, Binghamton, NY
Lives and works in Binghamton, NY

The Merry-Go-Round of Hidden Agendas, George Greenamyer
George Greenamyer
Forged and painted, fabricated steel

Born 1939, Cleveland, OH
Works in Marshfield, MA

The Boston Tree Party, Lisa Gross
Lisa Gross
heirloom apple trees, growing materials, plaques, buttons, t-shirts, flag, map, website, social network

Born 1982, New York, NY
Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY

DeCordova Exhibits, art
Fritz Haeg
rag rug, garden plot
Hand, Peter Haines
Peter Haines

Born 1942, Quantico, VA
Works in Cambridge, MA

Michael Hansel, Reflex
Michael Hansel
Stainless steel

Born 1958, Cincinnati, OH
Lives in Middletown, RI and works in Newport, RI

Rooster Rings, Anthony Howe
Anthony Howe
Stainless steel, fiberglass

Born 1954, Salt Lake City, UT
Lives and works on Orcas Island, WA


Wind Cubes 3, Michio Ihara
Michio Ihara
Stainless Steel

Born 1928, Paris, France
Lives and works in Concord, MA

Turning Points, Jon Isherwood
Jon Isherwood
black granite and red granite

Born 1960, Yorkshire, England
Lives and works in Albany, NY