Formwork for a Spiral Movement. Fritz Horstman
Fritz Horstman
plywood, wood, concrete, hardware
Rooster Rings, Anthony Howe
Anthony Howe
Stainless steel, fiberglass

Born 1954, Salt Lake City, UT
Lives and works on Orcas Island, WA


Wind Cubes 3, Michio Ihara
Michio Ihara
Stainless Steel

Born 1928, Paris, France
Lives and works in Concord, MA

Turning Points, Jon Isherwood
Jon Isherwood
black granite and red granite

Born 1960, Yorkshire, England
Lives and works in Albany, NY

Inner Sense, Place Your Thoughts, Things are not always what they seem, Jon Ishe
Jon Isherwood
verde marble, champlain marble, travertine

Born 1960, Yorkshire, England
Lives and works in Albany, NY

X Notion Like an H, Lila Katzen
Lila Katzen
Weathered Steel


Ozymandias, Douglas Kornfeld
Douglas Kornfeld
Wood, paint, steel

Born 1955, Denver, CO
Works in Cambridge, MA

Bannister Trees, Daniel Ladd
Daniel Ladd
Eleven American Liberty elm trees

Born 1948, New York, NY
Works in Putney, VT

King, Ken Landauer
Ken Landauer
mixed media

Born in 1965, New York City, New York
Lives and works in Kingston, New York


Boundary Stone, William Lasansky
William Lasansky
Black Granite from Vinalhaven, ME

Born 1938, Argentina
Lives and works in Lewisburg, PA and Vinalhaven, ME