Big Baby, Nina Levy
Nina Levy
Cast polyester resin, Fiberglass, automotive paint

Born 1967, Los Angeles, CA
Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY

Headlong, Nina Levy
Nina Levy
Resin, steel, automotive paint

Born 1967, Los Angeles, CA
Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY

3-Pointed Star, 4-Pointed Star, 6-Pointed Star, 9-Pointed Star, Sol LeWitt
Sol LeWitt
Painted Aluminum


Roy Lichtenstein, Five Brushstrokes
Roy Lichtenstein
Painted and fabricated aluminum

Lived and worked in New York, NY

DeCordova Exhibits
Jane Marsching
Reclaimed pallet stock, raw lumber
Oilpull, William Martin
William Martin
Steel and copper

Born 1969, Belleville, IL
Lives and works in Warwick, RI


Paul McCarthy, Sisters, 2013
Paul McCarthy

Born 1945, Salt Lake City, Utah
Lives and works in Los Angeles, CA

Greenhouses, Mark Mennin
Mark Mennin

Born 1960, Cedar Falls, Iowa
Lives and works in New York, NY and Bethlehem, CT


4-Wheeler Rollover, Okay Mountain, Image © Andy Ryan
Okay Mountain
ATV, concrete, paint

Collaborative founded in 2006
Based in Austin, TX

Adapt, Compensate, Encumber, Eric Nelson
Eric Nelson

Born 1945, Aurora, IL
Works in Middlebury, VT