Born 1945, Aurora, IL
Works in Middlebury, VT

Year created:
Adapt, Compensate, Encumber, Eric Nelson
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65" x 42" x 63," 91" x 61" x 35," 82" x 48" x 25"

Lent by the Artist

No longer on view.

Adapt, 1992

Compensate, 1995

Encumber, 1991

Eric Nelson collects old, rusted, buckled, scrap metal from steelyards, then cuts and bends the pieces, and welds them into organic forms with planar surfaces derived from forms found in nature. Says Nelson, "In concept and effect, I am searching for analogies to the structure of organisms—from molecules and cells to complete systems—and to the phenomena of aging, erosion and entropy.... I am fond of the physical properties of iron and its symbolic resonance as a material suggestive of a rootedness to the earth.... I am concerned with the impact of the form and its relationship to my body. Through their enclosed volumes, upright stance, active gestures and size, I intend to engage the viewer in an experience which is both comforting and confrontational." The biological qualities of Compensate, Adapt, and Encumber are further stressed by their relation to one another, and by their appearance of having emerged directly from the earth.