Born 1938, Argentina
Lives and works in Lewisburg, PA and Vinalhaven, ME

Year created:
Artifact #3, William Lasansky
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51" x 29 1/2" x 17"

Black Granite from Vinalhaven, ME
Lent by the Artist

No longer on view.

Artifact #3 is carved from black granite that Lasansky finds in ledges and abandoned quarries in Vinalhaven, Maine. Artifact #3 recalls ancient sculptures and stone markers, such as dolmens and totems. Lasansky references these functional aspects of stone in Artifact #3; it is both a territorial marker and an artistic work. According to Lanasky: "Each piece of stone has intrinsically insistent qualities of surface and form such as coloration, rippled fractures, eroded textures and evidence of previous quarrying processes. I try to respect and retain some of these qualities of the material as the act of carving reveals my sense of visual order."

Large sections of untouched natural rock remain and contrast with the low relief panel that displays an abstract pattern. By chiseling and polishing the stone, Lasansky exposes the inherent forms, colors, and finishes within the stone as well as the progression of time. This is found in the textured pattern that show the stone at various stages of work, from natural, unfinished stone to heavily worked, polished stone. The natural erosion of the stone is apparent in the sculpture, as is human intervention. The gray color of the stone is from salt corrosion; carving and polishing reveal the innate black color of the stone. In his sculptures, Lasansky seeks to convey "a visually viable balance between the untouched areas of primordial material and those areas the chisel consciously animates."