Born 1948, New York, NY
Works in Putney, VT

Year created:
Bannister Trees, Daniel Ladd

Daniel Ladd. Bannister Trees. 1990. Eleven American Liberty elm trees. 7' x 59'.

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7' x 59'

Eleven American Liberty elm trees
Temporary installation funded by the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency, site-specific installation

No longer on view.

BannisterTrees is currently a work-in-progress. For a number of years, artist Daniel Ladd has been tending eleven American Liberty Elm trees, carefully pruning and grafting them together on the hillside overlooking Flint's Pond. Upon completion of this installation, the trees will form a living banister along the incline of the hill. According to Ladd, "I really enjoy my relationship and life with these trees! I like that both the trees and I, as transient lives, are cooperating in this project. The trees push and pull and I push and pull but I think we will work out a satisfactory compromise to conclude the project. I actually find that give and take to be more interesting (and to the point of my work) than the final 'Grand Design.'" This use of living organic material and direct references to gardening and its methods are increasingly important themes within contemporary outdoor sculpture, and derive from the Earthworks and environmental art of the late 1960s and 1970s.