Born 1952 Dallas, TX
Works in Dallas, TX


Year created:
Black Magnolia II, David Bates
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54" x 27" x 29"

Bronze and Steel
Courtesy of the Artist and Dunn and Brown Contemporary

No longer on view.

Recognized as an emblem of the American South, the magnolia's sweet, distinct citrus smell, broad white blossoms, and ephemeral beauty have been a source of inspiration and an important subject in the work of Dallas-based sculptor and painter, David Bates. For over 25 years Bates has painted a magnolia each year as a benchmark of his artistic process and development. Cast in 2000, Black Magnolia II is a large, deconstructed bloom that speaks to the artist's interest in materiality, cubist forms, and the overlap between the disciplines of painting and sculpture. With the rod-like metal armature of the petals protruding from the roughly textured bronze blossom, Black Magnolia II combines the painterly aesthetic of a built-up impasto surface with framed negative space, allowing the monumental magnolia to be both a sculptural form and a drawing in space. In dialogue with the artist's vast body of painted floral still-lifes, Black Magnolia II is a continuation of Bates's annual investigation of the bloom as a Southern symbol, a nostalgic medium, and also as a rich form for dissection and artistic innovation.