Born 1952, Binghamton, NY
Lives and works in Binghamton, NY

Year created:
Cones, Ronald Gonzales
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Dimensions variable

Steel, natural materials
Lent by the Artist, installation funded by the Nathaniel Saltonstall Arts Fund, site-specific installation

No longer on view.

Ronald Gonzalez’ work is a celebration of the human form, and how it can evoke the universal themes of death, time, religion, and existence. His figurative works are executed in a variety of mixed media and a spectrum of sizes ranging from the miniature to the monumental. Often working with multiple figures, Gonzalez experiments with repetition and variation, while exploring the power each sculpture derives from its interaction with the assemblage as a whole.

In his site-specific installation, Cones, Gonzalez responds to the unique attributes of the hemlock grove. His use of pinecones reflects the surrounding trees, while the shade and seclusion of the area provide a mysterious setting for his work. Eventually, the sculpture will degrade, suggesting the impermanence of the human condition. However, the figures themselves are forms which draw on a sense of spirituality and ritual to forge an emotional connection with the viewer. Despite their grotesque qualities, the confrontational figures of Cones intimate the sense of beauty that arises from decay, regeneration, and human relationships.