Born 1946, Ames, IA
Works in Bozeman, MT

Year created:
Dream World, John Buck
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8' 7" x 8' 1" x 2' 9"

Lent by AT&T

No longer on view.

Dream World is a bronze sculpture that was cast from a mold taken from a wood sculpture. According to the artist, "The title of the sculpture is a reference to an imaginary world that exists in our subconscious. This imaginary world has a relationship with the tangible world of consciousness and consists of bits and pieces of reality interwoven with dreams and aspirations. The flattened disc is used to convey the idea of the illusive, ethereal world of the subconscious that has unlimited potential. The figure in Dream World does not have a specific identity and is used as a fulcrum which balances and juxtaposes the two states of consciousness that contrast and balance within us." This sculpture is an example of the formal and conceptual inventiveness applied to the subject of the human figure by contemporary artists.