Born 1931–2010
Lived and worked in Northampton, MA

Year created: 
Figure from the Sea, Elliot Offner

Elliot Offner. Figure from the Sea. 1964. Bronze. 29" x 19" x 30"

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29" x 19" x 30"

deCordova Permanent Collection 1968.22, Anonymous Gift

Elliot Offner was a sculptor who worked in the academic tradition, an aesthetic mode based on representation and pre-Modernist ideas about the expressive potential of the human figure. He worked in tried and true, time honored sculptural media, including carved wood, clay, plaster, and bronze, and his subjects include both animals and human figures. During his long career, Offner created a number of public monuments and large-scale religious sculptures. Figure from the Sea is an early work, made during a period when Offner concentrated on solid, motherly, female figures. The expressively modeled surface of this bronze figure, along with her compact mass and vulnerable posture, suggest her recent emergence from water as well as enervated physical and emotional states.