Born 1960, Cedar Falls, Iowa
Lives and works in New York, NY and Bethlehem, CT


Year created:
Greenhouses, Mark Mennin
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Each approximately 9' x 9' x 9'

Lent by the Artist

No longer on view.

Inspired by the historical tradition of working in stone, Mark Mennin constructs architectural forms that emphasize process. Mennin uses gray granite that allows for a multiplicity of shades and textures. Within his structures, finely polished areas contrast with raw passages that exhibit drill shank marks and blasted breaks left from the quarry. Mennin uses the stone itself to convey thematic ideas, such as man's relationship to history and nature. He reflects, "…the more geology you read into something, the smaller you feel."

Greenhouses have a very spiritual quality, due in part to the rhythmic patterns that Mennin creates. His compositions of heights and dimensions are subtle, but felt within the space as the viewer explores the pieces inside and out. However, it is the single stone room that sparks the imagination, evoking imagery of ancient ruins weathered over time, or secret childhood hiding places.