Born 1948, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Lives in Wellesley, MA; works in Randolf Center, VT

Year created: 
Little Red Riding Hood and Other Stories, Carlos Dorrien

Carlos Dorrien. Little Red Riding Hood and Other Stories. 2000. Granite. 8' x 10' x 55'.

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8' x 10' x 55'

deCordova Permanent Collection 2000.43, Museum Purchase and Gift of the Artist, site-specific installation

Carlos Dorrien is one of the foremost artists working in stone sculpture today. Creating forms that are part abstract and part referential, Dorrien takes his inspiration from nature, architecture, archaeological ruins and the human figure.

In Little Red Riding Hood and Other Stories, a large-scale sculptural installation designed expressly for the promontory overlooking Flint's Pond, the artist brings together three of his major artistic themes: the door, the flying carpet, and a granite floor. For Dorrien, doors and flying carpets are symbolic vehicles for accessing the creative imagination. About the importance of the floor in his work, he has said: "The carved slab opens up the spatial life of the object and its surrounding space. Also, the slabs can inspire in the objects on top of them a sense of ceremonial mystery."