Born 1951, Maine
Lives and works in Gainesville, FL and South Portland, ME

Year created:
Long Red Stack, Celeste Roberge
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60" x 90" x 26"

Slate, jasper, shale, chaise lounge
Lent by the Artist, installation funded in part by the Nathaniel Saltonstall Arts Fund

No longer on view.

Celeste Roberge’s works are meditations on the intersection of geological and human time. Long Red Stack is part of a larger body of work that examines human relationships to so-called Freudian objects, or objects that can be characterized by Freud’s definition of repression. By using an antique sofa, reminiscent of a Victorian psychoanalyst’s couch, and then layering it with stone, Roberge mimics the psychological repression of excluding desires and impulses from one’s consciousness and attempting to hold or subdue them in the subconscious. In describing her sculptural process, Roberge comments that, “I was inspired by the absurd desire to embed antique sofas in thousands of pounds of dry-stacked stone in such a way that the furniture would seem like a fossil within a stone road-cut or like an archaic funerary monument extruded from the earth. Although we like to imagine that cultural artifacts, such as furniture and art, exist free of time and decay, the material conditions of the world inevitably recoup them.”