Born 1954, Buffalo, NY
Lives and works in Phippsburg, ME

Year created:
Manna, Tom Chapin

Tom Chapin. Manna. 2007. Bronze. 6' 7" x 5' x 5'.



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6' 7" x 5' x 5'

Lent by the Artist, and ICON Contemporary Art, and funded by John W. Hankla and the Nathaniel Saltonstall Arts Fund

Tom Chapin draws inspiration for his sculptures from the art and philosophies of ancient cultures. His work ranges from miniatures to megalithic granite earthworks. In order to build the conceptual and spiritual qualities of each form, Chapin often focuses his thoughts on a specific line of poetry or prose that is at times inscribed into the final sculpture.

Although Chapin typically carves from stones as diverse as marble, limestone, and jade, Manna is made in bronze. Reminiscent of Neolithic fertility statuettes like the Venus of Willendorf, Manna makes reference to the duality of base desires and the richness of life sustaining gifts. Chapin uses five sets of five orbs to create this five sided structure as a mathematical reference to pentagonal symmetry. The plump and primal figure reflects the artist’s interest in both the complexity and beneficence of the universe.

Taken off view July 2015.