Born 1950, Charleston, WV
Works in Somerville, MA


Year created:
Map Structure I, Leila Daw
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4' x 12' x 6'

Urethane on powder-coated perforated steel
Lent by the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority

No longer on view.

Leila Daw is an artist whose sculptures, installations, and public artworks have dealt with issues surrounding geography, geology, landscape, sense of place, and human orientation within natural and cultural environments. In 1996, Daw was invited to participate in an ambitious public art project undertaken by the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority. As part of an effort to beautify their highway rest areas, the Turnpike Authority hired a number of artists to create new works for the delight and convenience of automobile travelers. Daw was commissioned to design and fabricate four Map Structures—steel sculptures in the shape of partially folded maps that also function as benches. The four map images include a New England road map, a Massachusetts road map, and topographic maps of the areas surrounding the Lee and Natick rest areas, where the Map Structures were to be installed. Because the Turnpike Authority has not been able to place the works at their intended sites, deCordova offered to exhibit the Map Structures in the Sculpture Park. So, until the Turnpike Authority is ready to install the works, Map Structures I can be seen, enjoyed, and sat upon in the deCordova Sculpture Park.