Born 1939, Cleveland, OH
Works in Marshfield, MA

Year created: 
Mass Art Vehicle, George Greenamyer

George Greenamyer. Mass Art Vehicle. 1970. Arc welded steel. 8' 3" x 20' x 2'

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8' 3" x 20' x 2'

Arc welded steel
deCordova Permanent Collection 1973.16, Gift of the Artist

Mass Art Vehicle, an early welded sculpture created when Greenamyer was Chair of the Sculpture Department at the Massachusetts College of Art, is a humorous allegory of the frustrations of the art world. A nightmarish, tank-like vehicle, it sits squarely on a track which leads to nowhere. This sculpture is both muscular and Minimal, and evokes a certain romantic nostalgia owing to an appearance rooted in forms of nineteenth-century armor plating and weaponry.