Born 1939, Cleveland, OH
Works in Marshfield, MA

Year created:
The Merry-Go-Round of Hidden Agendas, George Greenamyer
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12’10’’x 5’3’’x 5’3’’

Forged and painted, fabricated steel
Lent by the Artist

No longer on view.

The Merry-Go-Round of Hidden Agendas, is a wind activated, narrative sculpture that is distinct from the many commissioned public sculptures that George Greenamyer has focused on over the last 20 years. The content of this work was not influenced by location or suggestion, but rather by a personal moralistic opinion driven by the negative actions of certain lawyers, CEOs, and other people Greenamyer does not admire. The sculpture is a multi-leveled sermon with a series of eight houses representing the states through which the various “players” pass. The houses are: Life Choices, Backsliding, Greed, Judgment, Condemnation, Wrath, Hells, and Purgatory. Each figure utters both a public and a private statement which is written on the inside and outside of a word balloon; the double sided comments indicate the devious nature of their character. In all, the sculpture examines the cycle of repetitive actions a person might take as a result of their character flaws.

Retired 7/1/2013