Bartow + Metzgar

Paul Bartow lives and works in Watkins Glen, NY
Richard Metzgar lives and works in Oswego, NY

Year created:
Morphology Field Station for Sensing Place, Bartow + Metzgar
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Mixed media
Lent by the Artists

No longer on view.

From the project Stratimentation: Investigations of a Metamorphic Landscape

Paul Bartow and Richard Metzgar's collaborative art practice is an experimental engagement with the environment informed by their training in the visual arts and architecture. The artists research specific sites as a way to understand the complex relationships among cultural, historical, geological, and microbiological information that collectively define our experiences of a particular place.

Bartow + Metzgar have created a working, field station on the grounds of the Sculpture Park as their base for a year-long exploration of deCordova's site. Covered in cedar shingles, this small outpost references regional New England architecture and similarly reflects the particularities of its local: the building's unique form roughly mimics the 35-acre Park's topography, the irregular footprint follows the property lines, and its green color is pulled from the hue of Google Earth's satellite imagery of the area.
Over the course of the next year, Bartow + Metzgar will conduct field research on site using their versions of core sampling, specimen photography, and drawing. And just as the field station was born in the image of its site, it will change and morph over time to reflect the environment and the artists' growing archive of material collected from the Museum and Park's grounds. This metamorphosis will attempt to highlight the way in which information can change and define both our perception and understanding of a place.
In the fall of 2010, the field station will be dismantled and moved into the Museum's Dewey Gallery, along with Bartow + Metzgar's collected data and material. They will exhibit their work alongside pieces from deCordova's Permanent Collection as the exhibition PLATFORM 5: Bartow + Metzgar.
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As part of their research process, the artists will take visitors on walks to collect environmental samples on site at deCordova.