Born 1957, Boston, MA
Works in Wrentham, MA

Year created:
Kitty Wales, Pine Sharks, 1997.

Kitty Wales, Pine Sharks, 1997.

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Each shark 50" x 11" x 80"

Steel, appliance parts
Lent by the Artist, Site-specific installation, Installation courtesy of Hartney Greymont Tree and Lawn Specialists

No longer on view.

Kitty Wales travels the world to observe wild animals in their natural habitats, and then returns to her studio to sculpturally interpret her visual and emotional memories of the animals in a variety of materials. Her previous bodies of work have been inspired by wild dogs, feral goats, swine, and birds of prey. Her fascination with the sinewy fluid forms and clean beautiful gestures of sharks led her to participate in shark dives in the Bahamas. Using a plastic drawing slate, she was able to sketch the predators as they swam above her.

Pine Sharks, an installation created specifically for this location in the Sculpture Park, includes three sharks which closely approximate their natural models in size, anatomy, and posture as they "swim" above the visitor. These sculptures of deadly eating machines are not, however, without humor. The Pine Sharks are fabricated from debris and discarded appliances—an oil burner, a refrigerator, and an avocado green stove—which inspired their individual names: American Standard, Maytag, and Hotpoint. The Pine Sharks are thus not only studies of magnificent fish, but also a wry commentary on the state of the environment, recycling, and American consumer culture.