Born 1954, Salt Lake City, UT
Lives and works on Orcas Island, WA


Year created:
Rooster Rings, Anthony Howe
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20' x 9' x 8'

Stainless steel, fiberglass
Lent by the Artist

No longer on view.

Anthony Howe's kinetic sculpture Rooster Rings moves with swift elegance when activated by the wind. Both light and strong, this polished and refined stainless steel and Fiberglas sculpture is asymmetrically balanced and built on a three-point axis. The complex action achieved by this multiple axis causes the work to appear to move independently of the apparent direction of the wind.

Early in his career, Howe experimented with abstract painting, and later became interested primarily in the shapes and forms that emerged in these early works, many of which continue to inform his sculptural projects.

Howe taught himself welding and metal work while employed in a Manhattan warehouse, where he began to create three-dimensional works out of sheet metal. The artist's work from this period includes furniture made of welded rods and coiled steel, freestanding welded metal sculptures, massive mobiles with resin-impregnated fabric or fiberglass of varying colors, and kinetic fountains and musical sculptures incorporating gongs, bells, piano wire, and tumbler drums. Rooster Rings is representative of Howe's most recent work, which consists of more refined and polished kinetic sculptures and mobiles.