Born 1953, Montague, MA
Lives and works West Chesterfield, NH

Year created:
Sisters, Bob Boemig

Bob Boemig. Sisters. Steel, soil, myrtle. 13' x 17' 2" x 29' 3". Site-specific installation.

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13' x 17' 2" x 29' 3," site-specific installation

Steel, soil, myrtle
Installation funded by the Nathaniel Saltonstall Arts Fund

No longer on view: November 2015

For over thirty years, Bob Boemig has been creating outdoor sculpture for museums, universities, municipalities, and other institutions. His innovative work defies classification by fusing sculpture, architecture, and landscape design into a distinctive medium. Working with the environment around his pieces is a priority in Boemig’s artistic process. In his installations, the artist considers the context of his work and responds to its inherent natural and topographical features.

Boemig’s site-specific installation Sisters reacts to its unique location at deCordova. Three interlocking ellipse-shaped rings lean against a grassy glacial ridge and the stone wall of deCordova’s Sculpture Terrace. The swirling forms cascade down the hill they are positioned upon. Soil and live myrtle cover the steel structures of the sculpture, and these materials reflect the adjacent vegetation on the side of the museum and the tree beside the sculpture. The natural elements of the piece, as well as its organic forms, communicate with the surrounding landscape to create synthesis of art and nature.