Caroline Blessing Bowne

Born 1946, Detroit, MI
Works in Detroit, MI

Year created:
Spiral in Flux, Caroline Blessing Bowne Court
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12'6" x 25" x 25"

Soda and salt-fired white stoneware with black beauty sand
Lent by the Artist

No longer on view.

Through Spiral in Flux Caroline Court questions the traditional aesthetics and functions of brick. Here, bricks are stripped of their primary role as a building material and are offered up for contemplation. Throughout history, bricks have been considered non-hierarchical materials because of their conformity of size and shape. Court inverts this tradition by making the placement of the bricks an integral part of the sculpture—differing size and shape dictate the placement of the bricks. Likewise, the fluid spiral design challenges the notion of architectural form as stationary object. As Court sees it, the brick is a universal material and thus serves as a universal language. The formal variations from brick to brick become similar to linguistic dialects. Spiral in Flux also responds to the verticality of the trees in the surrounding pine grove, allowing architecture, sculpture, and nature to come together as one.