Born 1960, Cambridge, MA
Lives and Works in Putney, VT and Cambridge, MA

Year created: 
Time at the Museum, Robert Schelling

Robert Schelling. Time at the Museum. 2002. Bronze. 66" x 44" x 44".

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66" x 44" x 44"

Lent by the Artist

Time at the Museum is a work in which Robert Schelling fuses spiritually charged archaic architectural and geometric forms to create a unique whole. Sacred symbols are taken from varied cultures and integrated by the artist to create a new object of contemplation. The multi-tiered base is reminiscent of ancient Mayan, or Egyptian, pyramids, and the three extended arms capped with tool-like endings might refer to an act of creation or destruction. The thunderbolt brings to mind the powerful Greek god Zeus, who when angered would hurl it at those who displeased him. The viewer, however, does not have to be familiar with a particular meaning of each form in order to ponder the concepts introduced by the work. By integrating culturally diverse symbols, the artist in this and other works examines the ideas of time and cosmic energy that binds us all. The smoothness of the surface and the variety of colors found in the bronze adds to the aesthetic beauty of the sculpture.