Born 1926, New York, NY
Lives and works in Sharon, CT

Year created:
Trojan Chicken, Richard Rothschild
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13' x 10' x 5'

Old silo siding
Lent by the Artist

No longer on view.

Richard Rothschild works with wood salvaged from old grain silos, constructing his large-scale animal sculptures in a style that grew out of his affinity for wood. Rothschild appreciates the unique qualities of weathered wood, and the fact that the material was once alive. The worn nature of this material enhances his sculptures, and in the words of the artist, “the weathering chronicles a history of snow, rain, and sun like a life narrative.” When building the abstract animal forms that he calls “living images”, Rothschild believes he is restoring life to a tree that has been “dismembered” by man and machine. 

According to the artist, Trojan Chicken is roughly constructed as a, "three-dimensional sketch using as few lines as possible.” Flat boards with straight edges make up the tail while tongue and groove silo siding forms the torso and the wings. The chicken's bright, red-stained head is cocked to the side in anticipation of activity below. The viewer's usual relationship to a chicken is reversed, and we now find ourselves under foot and beak. Supported by a platform resting on wooden wheels like its historical namesake, Rothschild’s Trojan Chicken sits at the ready, greeting us with inquisitiveness and humor.