Actual Size Artworks

Aristotle Georgiades born in Pittsburgh, PA
Gail Simpson born in Baltimore, MD

Work in Stoughton, WI
Year created:
Trojan Piggybank, Actual Size Artworks
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11’ x 8’ x 10’

Wood, steel
Lent by the Artists
Exhibit Date: 
On View 2004 - 2009
No longer on view.

Originally exhibited in the 2004 Navy Pier Walk: The Chicago International Sculpture Exhibition, Trojan Piggybank comes to deCordova's Sculpture Park with a playful warning from its collaborative team of artists, Gail Simpson and Aristotle Georgiades, who caution, “Sometimes things are not what they appear to be.”

From a distance, the large pink wood piggybank appears friendly. A closer look reveals military camouflage colors painted around the snout, suggesting a recent wallow in filth, while imparting an additional and foreboding meaning. The artists intend this familiar military pattern to represent the greed associated with our ever-expanding military industrial complex. This visual stratagem is furthered by grates protecting Trojan Piggybank's eyes, and a hatch door on the underbelly hinting at hidden invaders inside. A large silver coin waits at the ready in the piggybank’s slot. As Simpson and Georgiades observe, “The pleasures of consumer culture are accompanied by less desirable social consequences. When we impose one way of life onto another, the bad goes along with the good. The playful piggybank has a hidden agenda.”
Whether working independently or collaboratively, both artists pursue themes that address social and cultural concerns. Georgiades’ work is often based on history and economics, while Simpson investigates the politics of public and private space. The artists have also worked on a number of public art projects, and are interested in creating work that engages the public in discussion, generating a connection between artist and audience.