Born 1955, Weymouth, MA
Works in Medford, MA

Year created:
Wall of Ice III, Kathleen Driscoll
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14 x 16 x 5'

Hydrostone, burlap, wood, pigment, and a latex additive
Lent by the Artist, Site-specific installation

No longer on view.

Kathleen Driscoll began creating large-scale waterfall sculptures in 1992. Initially conceived as indoor works, these sculptures became more suitable for the outdoors as the artist began working with more durable, weather-resistant materials.

An essential component of Wall of Ice III is its relationship with its environment. Driscoll designed and constructed the piece specifically for this site. Long pieces of burlap dipped in a pale bluish-green pigmented Hydrostone are draped over a wooden frame attached to the ground. According to the artist, the resulting texture and color are meant to "mimic frozen falling water." Perception of the piece is dependent on the season of the year. During the winter months, the wall of ice integrates well with its snowy surroundings, while at other times of the year, the work stands out as an anomaly in the natural landscape.