Born 1928, Paris, France
Lives and works in Concord, MA

Year created:
Wind Cubes 3, Michio Ihara
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15' 5" x 12' 2" x 11' 10"

Stainless Steel
Lent by the Artist

No longer on view.

Michio Ihara works with stainless steel, brass, and copper to make his elegant kinetic sculptures. An established sculptor working for over fifty years, Ihara has created many sculptures for public and private collections, both nationally and internationally. He was influenced by one of the most important kinetic sculptors, George Rickey, whose work Three Lines can be seen in deCordova's Sculpture Park as part of the Museum's permanent collection. Through his work Ihara explores his interest in, “…time as a creative element allowing change and motion; and nature, combining forces of light, wind, heat and manpower for constructive ends.”

The organic modular forms of Ihara's sculptures juxtapose the natural and the mechanical in a playful dialogue. The artist's materials are intrinsically architectural, and the modular shapes comprising Wind Cubes 3 are reminiscent of contemporary construction and manufactured products. Three tall stainless steel tubes are each topped by a complement of four to six cubes in a chevron-shaped formation. These multiple parts exist as formal stationary components when the air is still. Even the slightest breeze activates each cube, which catch the wind and spin. As they whirl, the cubes' reflective surfaces capture segments of the natural landscape, reflecting unique “miniature pictures.” Multiple images and perspectives are revealed as one walks around the work. The interaction between Ihara's sculpture and the environment suggests the importance of exploration, perception, and the power of multiple perspectives.