First Place Winner: Julia Hopkins

Says Martina, "The composition of this image is really strong. Additionally, the image shifts between a landscape with a deep sense of perspective to almost abstract. The trees, and their reflection to the right, appear as an abstract sphere as there is no horizon line to bring the eye back into the landscape. The atmosphere too is quite soft, giving the photograph a serene quality."

Second Place Winner: Sam Ogden

Says Martina, "This work reminded me of Arno Rafael Minkkinen's work in the exhibition. The body floats below the surface, and is barely visible. The head bobs out exactly at the reflected horizon line, and is not immediately visible. This work has wonderful color contrasts and resonates most closely with the exhibition Bodies in Water."

Third Place Winner: James Pingeon

Says Martina, "The colors of this photograph are wild! The reflection of the water distorts the vibrant fall trees while the reeds in the water punctuate the surface and look almost like a pictographic writing, making the backdrop look almost abstract."