Reservations are not accepted; guests are welcome on a first-come, first-served basis. Café seating is reserved for patrons only.

Capacity: 50 seats inside the Café, 24 seats in the Courtyard, and 20 seats up on Sculpture Terrace. The Courtyard and Sculpture Terrace are both seasonal and weather dependant.To reserve space today for corporate and daytime functions please visit our Events page for more information.


We are happy to accommodate groups at deCordova | Café. Groups of 10 or larger are encouraged to call in advance and order from the group menu. School groups are not permitted to dine in the Café without prior warning. Seating for larger groups is available at the Sculpture Terrace and in the Courtyard.  For more information pertaining to the Café and group visits please contact the Café at 781.259.3683 or [email protected].


DeCordova | Café offers delectable entrees, unique sandwiches, hearty soups, and healthy salads.

Entrees: $10–15
Sandwiches and Salads: $7–9
Seasonal Soups: $4–6
Desserts: $2–6
Coffee/Tea/Espresso: $1.50–4.50

Art on View

The artwork featured in the new Café is a selection of the artwork available for loan through deCordova’s Corporate Program. Artists on view include Keith Francis, Sand T. Kalloch, Phillip Spinks, Marilu Swett, and Josephine Turalba.

DeCordova and the Planet

We take environmental issues seriously, and feel a responsibility to do our best. We look for products that are biodegradable and compostable. Several of our selected suppliers now offer environmentally preferable alternatives, including “greener” packaging. Our coffee is organic, fair-trade certified. This helps substantially in reducing the amount of chemicals and acres of land required for production, which in turn financially aids smaller family farmers. We are vigilant about purchasing as much local product as we can. At Via Lago, environmental considerations take priority over the cost of these products as often as possible.