Art for February Vacation Week

This event last occurred on February 23, 2018, 1—3 pm.

Inspired by artwork in Screens: Virtual Material and Cool Medium: Art, Television & Psychedelia, 1960-1980, join us as we create unexpected electronic and analog art from television drawings to assemblages from computer parts to psychedelic stitched weavings.

Designed for families with children ages 5–12, but all are welcome.

FREE with admission or membership.

Wednesday, February 21
drop in 1–3 pm

Create kaleidoscopic collages inspired by the three-dimensional images made as you “draw” with magnets on old-fashioned TV screens. Inspired by Nam June Paik’s Magnet TV artworks and artists in the Cool Medium exhibition.
Caution, don’t experiment with magnets on your TVs or monitors at home!

Thursday, February 22
drop in 1–3 pm

Did you ever want to see what’s behind your screens? Join us as we take apart monitors and smartphones and investigate what’s inside. We will also assemble the components into cutting edge sculptures inspired by Screens artists Josh Tonsfeldt and Penelope Umbrico.

Friday, February 23
drop in 1–3 pm

Cool Medium artist Alan Shields’s work involved “all kinds of things that boggled [his] mind.” Let’s follow his lead and create woven and stitched psychedelic paper sculptures that defy space and time.


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