Art for February Vacation Week

This event last occurred on February 22, 2019, 1—3 pm.

Create small or create tall! Stack, balance, knot, knit, and string sculptures together inspired by the range of work included in Sheila Pepe: Hot Mess Formalism.

Designed for families with children ages 5–12, but all are welcome.
FREE with admission or membership. Children 12 and under are always free.

Wednesday, February 20: Tools, Totems, and Models
Drop in 1–3 pm

Which of Shelia Pepe’s Votive Moderns tabletop sculptures can you imagine as tools, totems, or models? Join us as we take cues from the artist and use unexpected materials to make our own tools for living, totems to the important things in our lives, and human-sized sculptures to walk around.

Thursday, February 21: Accumulation
Drop in 1–3 pm

Sheila Pepe’s room-sized fiber installations are made from connecting many small pieces together to create a larger artwork—sometimes in collaboration with others. We will use yarn, rope, shoelaces, and more to make knotted, crocheted, knitted, and tangled pieces that we will connect together to make a ginormous, community-crafted installation!

Friday, February 22: Deconstruct & Reimagine
Drop in 1–3 pm

Join us as we take pleasure in disassembling the ginormous fiber sculpture from Thursday’s program. Our installation will continually transform as visitors deconstruct the knitted, knotted, and crocheted parts and take pieces home to re-craft into brand-new sculptures! 



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