Abstract Landscape Painting: Online Workshop

This event last occurred on July 30, 2020, 3—6 pm.

How do you experience nature? Some people climb the biggest mountain they can find, others prefer beach combing the coast, while others cultivate their backyards into pristine gardens. How can we capture that energy and express those fleeting feelings of exhilaration, nostalgia, or serenity on the canvas?

This workshop explores abstraction, color and mark through the lens of landscape painting. A series of sequential exercises will help students identify the relationship between value and hue, build non-conventional palettes and abandon the local colors of the landscape. By the end of the workshop, studies will have a number of composition, value and color studies that could translate to a larger painting.

For beginning - intermediate.

Instructor Bio:

Amanda K. Hawkins is an award winning painter living and working in Boston, MA. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Montserrat College of Art in 2014 and is currently a candidate for a Master of Fine Arts from Boston University. Amanda exhibits her work throughout New England, teaches painting workshops across North America, and has work in private collections across the globe. She maintains an active blog, sharing her studio practice with over 25K people worldwide. If Amanda isn’t in the studio, she’s likely swimming in the sea or exploring the New England backcountry.


  • Paints (watercolor, acrylic, or oil will work)
  • Pencil, HB-4B
  • Paint brushes, small-medium sized
  • Paint supplies (IE paper towels, water, palette, gamsol if using oil)
  • Mixed media paper, 6-8 sheets, 9x12 or similar (Stonehenge or Bristol Board recommended)
  • Value Scale
  • 3-5 reference Photos

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