John Cage, Thoreau, and deCordova: in conversation

This event last occurred on February 11, 2015, 12 pm.

During this in-gallery conversation, curator, writer, and art historian Francine Koslow Miller discusses the deep impact that Henry David Thoreau had on musical composer John Cage's work.

In 1984, Miller organized the exhibition Henry David Thoreau as a Source for Artistic Inspiration for deCordova, which traced the influence of Thoreau in visual art from the nineteenth-century until the early 1980s. One of the key contemporary artists featured in that show was the seminal postmodern composer Cage, who used chance operations in his groundbreaking musical scores. Thoreau’s journals and writing about sound in Walden inspired a number of performances and collages by Cage, who delivered a lecture/performance at the museum that year.

With Miller and current deCordova curator Dina Deitsch, explore the legacy of Cage’s understanding of Thoreau in work featured in the current Thoreau-inspired exhibition on view, Walden, revisited.

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