Bringing Mindfulness Home

This event last occurred on August 25, 2020, 8—9 pm.

**Please Note Schedule**

Tuesdays, July 14th – August 18th, 8-9PM, with a seventh class on August 25th, time TBD

Are you feeling the weight of uncertainty due to COVID as well as the imperative to listen, learn, and skillfully act to support racial justice? What are you doing to strengthen your ability to learn, be self-aware, skillfully act, and embody compassion for yourself and those around you? Training our minds with mindfulness can shift our baseline level of happiness, strengthen our ability to perform while being present for those we love, navigate upheaval, and help us embody the qualities we most value.

In this six-week virtual mindfulness course, Jamie will thread together the fundamentals of mindful attention—while further knitting together local communities. The class will draw themes from family relationships - it is open to all.

In this six-week workshop series, we will:

Bring more resilience to your family and work relationships
Be more centered when balancing competing priorities in making decisions
(e.g. Do you gather together as an extended family this summer? How do you use limited resources to support causes you care about most?)
Heighten your ability to understand and navigate intense emotions (yours and others)
Deepen awareness of your inner critic & gain strategies for working with self-judgment and negative thinking
Plant seeds of possibility that might not bear fruit in our lifetimes
Gather virtually in a small community—that we co-create—at a time when social connection is vital
This interactive class will be offered via zoom. Sessions one through six are suitable for adults of all levels of experience with mindfulness. Kids will be invited to a wrap up session so that we can learn from them.

This series is suitable for complete beginners as well as those who are already practicing mindfulness sporadically (e.g. through apps). It would also be a return to the fundamentals for those who already have a daily practice who are interested in diving deeper.

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