Art for February Vacation

Create sculptures inspired by the photographs of Peter Hutchinson: Landscapes of My Life and Abe Morrell! Construct a community assembled scenic vista, combine story and image for a unique visual adventures, and assemble petals, stems, and leaves for unique textured collages.

Designed for families with children ages 5–12, but all are welcome.
FREE with admission or membership. Children 12 and under are always free.

Wednesday, February 19 Sculpted Landscape
Drop in 1–3 pm

Inspired by Peter Hutchinson’s Mountain Grammar and Alliterative Landscapes, together we’ll create a lush landscape of flat images, three-dimensional nature-inspired, and nature-imitating objects.

Thursday, February 20 Text-ured Images
Drop in 1–3 pm

Assemble objects, take a picture, write a short story. Inspired by Peter Hutchinson’s Narrative Art, how does the image change the story? How does the story change the image?

Friday, February 21 Flower Collage
Drop in 1–3 pm

Using real flowers, create a collage of petals, stems, and leaves. Inspired by Abe Morrell's photograph Flowers for Lisa, #14, play with flower colors, textures, and shapes!