Art for February Vacation

Inspired by Biennial artists’ forms, materials, and processes, we brought together unlikely pairings. Explore the deCordova New England Biennial 2016 through Mash-Ups! Your fresh eyes and creative sparks will create something entirely new with the mash-up materials!

Designed for families with children ages 5–12, but all are welcome. FREE with admission or membership.


Wednesday, February 22
drop in 1–3 pm

Youjin Moon + Timothy Horn Mash-Up!
Inspired by Moon’s immersive video environment and Horn’s gleaming sculptures, we will create mesmerizing spinners that emit light and sound. SPECIAL NOTE: The February 22 program is multisensory and universally designed to be accessible to a wide variety of learners.


Thursday, February 23
drop in 1–3 pm

Tobias Putrih + Kelly Nipper + Fritz Horstman Mash-Up!
Inspired by Nipper’s wave-like drawings, the repeating assembled forms for Fritz Horstman and Tobias Putrih, let’s create model-sized and human-sized rhythmic wooden sculptures.


Friday, February 24
drop in 1–3 pm

Susan Howe + Carly Glovinski Mash-Up!
Inspired by Howe’s and Glovinski’s use of text, we’ll construct landscapes and architectures with book pages.