July 6–10, 2020

Week 1 Theme: Millions of invisible connections link ecosystems into a cohesive whole. Infinite and tangled, these threads are impossible to escape. Let’s be detectives who focus on the in-between connections to find origins and end points in our immediate and far off universe. 

Inspired by what’s left when water evaporates in Andy Goldsworthy’s Watershed. We will find the evidence of where water streamed out of the wall, how hard it poured onto the gravel floor, and to where it flowed. Visionary photographer Caleb Charland rested a camera on his chest to create a long exposure photograph tracking the path of the stars in the night sky.

Week 1 Project: Like a mystery keeping you on the edge of your seat, campers will craft a tale from clues found in nature – from land erosion to a tree growing on a rock to star paths. Sculptures will replicate and maximize miniscule details crucial to solving the case-and reveal the interwoven nature of nature!

Members: $225
Not-Yet-Members: $285

Email Donna Berube, for information regarding partial or full financial assistance.

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