Citizens of the Universe
July 8–12, 2019

Week 1 Theme: What life exists beyond this planet? In the far reaches of the universe there may be civilizations that we do not know yet know. Imagine humans and aliens finding ways to connect, understand, and learn from each other without fear or judgement. The possibilities are out of this world!

Inspired by Biennial artist Ken Grimes’s drawings which image earthly exchange with aliens from Mars and other planets. As Grimes says: “In a sense, a search for extraterrestrials in space or right here on earth is a search for ourselves.” Lowry Burgess’s sculpture that was once in outer space is now buried in the Sculpture Park and connects our planet to the cosmos.

Week 1 Project: Constructing tools and transportation for exploration and communication with distant galaxies, cultural exchange will become a comforting reality. From shared language to newly invented sculptural forms, create a welcoming and peaceful shared world that celebrates new perspectives!

Registration opens in January!

Members: $510
Not-Yet-Members: $610

Email Donna Berube, for information regarding partial or full financial assistance.

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