John C. Gonzalez
In residence: Tuesday, October 1–Sunday, October 27
Final Open Studio: Sunday October 27, 11 am–2 pm

During his residency, John created a series of plein-air paintings and sketches of deCordova's landscape and sculptures, which he sold to museum visitors from inside the Home Depot House. The artist also connected with visitors in the cabin where he explained the conceptual process of constructing the cabin and its relationship to The Home Depot and deCordova.


Jessica Gath
In residence :Wednesday, October 30–Sunday, November 24
Final Open Studio: Sunday November 24, 11 am–2 pm

On any given day in Home Depot House, as in her regular studio, Jessica painted, made food/art with friends, corresponded, conversed, planned potential future works, drew comics, worked on her monthly dinner series, and sewed clothes for herself and her dog. Visitors to Home Depot House during her residency found her engaged in the above-mentioned activities–some of which begged participation, others of which were better-suited to quiet companionship, and some were in-between. 


Nicole Delanos
In residence: Friday, November 29–Sunday, January 5
Final Open Studio: Sunday January 5, 11 am–2 pm

Nicole’s time in the Home Depot House consisted of collecting and storing objects in The Pantry, a wooden sculpture built to store small treasures. Captivated by the knick-knacks and ornaments that we all collect, Nicole hoped to encourage guests to explore her trinkets and to consider leaving something behind for others. Visitors could expect to find her sorting items in The Pantry, building smaller pantries, and enjoying conversations concerning the like.


Wilson Lawrence
In residence: Wednesday, January 8–Sunday, February 9
Final Open Studio: Sunday February 9, 11 am–2 pm

Wilson Harding Lawrence used the Home Depot House as a living sculpture studio. Employing only the materials used to create the House–shingles, drywall, etc.–he made installations on the internal and external surfaces of the structure. He invited all visitors to view and discuss his continually-evolving work.


John Osorio-Buck
In residence: Wednesday, February 12–Sunday, March 9
Final Open Studio: Sunday March 9, 11 am–2 pm

Entomophagy is the formal term for eating insects. Less formally, John Osorio-Buck raised crickets (of the family Gryllidae) for human consumption, trying out a variety of traditional global recipes, as well as some new experiments inside the Home Depot House. The public was invited to converse and sample some culinary cricket concoctions.


Thomas Willis: Wednesday, March 12–Sunday, April 13
Final Open Studio: Sunday April 13, 11 am–2 pm

During the duration of Thomas Willis's residency at deCordova, Willis will use Home Depot House to display, design, and demonstrate how to "retrofit" pre-manufactured art canvases through his corporate-pseudonym "Retrofit Painting®." Loosely based on the Obama administration's 2009 report Recovery Through Retrofit, Willis will be exploring the idea that retrofitting your paintings can efficiently expand, mobilize, and subsidize the painting industry. For more information: