Silent Voices

Serigraph, 19 x 15”


Vincent Amicosante

Sailing Headquarters
Oil on canvas, 38 x 48”

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Nedret Andre

In Bruegel’s Garden

Oil on canvas, 65 x 72”

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Bert Antonio

July 3
Mixed media, 23 x 19”

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Diana Arcadipone

Dove Tail Joinery
Handmade paper, abaca and acqueous, 31 x 25"


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Adria Arch

Spin 1
Acrylic on board, 20 x 16”

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Dorothy Arnold

Orlando 4A
Mixed media on canvas, 50 x 96”

Laura Aronoff

Oil on canvas, 36 x 36”

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Joey Asal

Untitled (detail)
oil, enamel, walnut ink, gesso on canvas, 46" x 24”

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Clare Asch
Scarlet Drift 
Watercolor on Arches paper, 35.24 x 49.5"

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Lynn Avery

Summer Trees
Oil on canvas, 67 x 68"

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Elizabeth Awalt
Hala Roots
Oil on canvas, 56 x 78”

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Julie Baer

Lake George Narrows
Acrylic on birch plywood, 22 x 30”

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Joan Baldwin
Pahway Point
Oil on two canvases, 60 x 75"

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Laura Baltzell

Great Lakes
Oil on canvas, 47 x 80”

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Barbara Bartlett

Chicago Blues 1
Mixed media on canvas, 10 x 12”

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Harry Bartnick

Between Facades, 606, Wroclaw

Photograph, pigmented ink on archival paper, 22" x 17.5"

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Carol Baum
All Vows #2f
Oil on canvas, 24 x 24”



Michael Beatty

Handmade paper, 29 x 35”

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Sandy Belock-Phippen

Essex Marsh-View of Cranes Beach
Oil on canvas, 48 x 48”

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Nathan C. Bentley

Another American Whaling Epic

Oil on canvas, 44 x 72"

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Sandra Berbeco

Lost Island
Acrylic on canvas, 36 x 36”

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Martin Berinstein

Permutations of Liquid Light #7
Pigment print, 26 x 38"

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Meg Birnbaum

Still Life #2
Sepia-toned photograph, 22 x 21”

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Resa Blatman


Oil and acrylic on linen, 60 x 108”