DeCordova Sculpture Park and Museum is built upon the legacy and foresight of Julian de Cordova and Elizabeth Dana. Through the couple’s generous bequest, The deCordova and Dana Museum was established in the early 1950s. Julian and Elizabeth’s home grew from a quiet summer retreat to the bustling contemporary Sculpture Park and Museum we know today.

You can follow in Julian and Elizabeth’s footsteps by making a planned gift in your estate. Your gift will enable deCordova to further its mission for generations to come.



The Dana Society

Those who have made their planned gift intentions known to deCordova are invited to participate in the Dana Society.

Benefits of the Dana Society:

  • Invitations to private events and educational seminars designed specifically for Dana Society members
  • Opportunities for exclusive insider tours and educational programs
  • Recognition, as you would like it to appear, in the Dana Society listings

If you have already made a provision for deCordova in your estate plans, please let the Development Office know so that you may be honored through the Dana Society. Please contact Lizbie Harbison at or 781.259.3631.



Types of Gifts


One of the simplest ways you can make a planned gift to deCordova is through a bequest. DeCordova accepts bequests of cash, securities, or other property, including artwork. 

Charitable Remainder Trusts

A charitable remainder trust pays you and/or another beneficiary income for life, provides a charitable income tax deduction, and can be an effective means of reducing capital gains and estate taxes. You can choose yearly payments that are either a fixed amount or a set percentage determined annually. In return, deCordova receives the principal that remains in the trust when it ends.

Retirement Plans

You can designate deCordova as a beneficiary of all or part of your IRA or retirement plans. When an individual is named as a beneficiary the funds received are subject to income tax. By naming deCordova as a beneficiary 100% of the funds will go towards furthering the Museum’s mission.

Life Insurance

You can contribute the ownership of a policy to deCordova or name deCordova as a beneficiary. Giving ownership of the policy to deCordova may let you receive a charitable income tax deduction, while naming deCordova as your beneficiary may help you avoid estate taxes.

Pay/Transfer on Death Accounts

You can instruct your bank or brokerage firms to pay deCordova all or a portion of what remains in your account upon death. Contact your bank or brokerage firm for more information.



Make a Planned Gift

For more information or if you have already made provisions for deCordova in your estate plans, please contact or have your estate advisor contact or 781.259.3631.

All gifts must meet the criteria outlined in deCordova’s Gift Acceptance Policy. We encourage you to discuss which estate gift is right for you with your legal and financial advisors in conjunction with deCordova’s Development Office.