Hive moves into cyberspace!

Brand new for summer 2020, is remote hive. We'll miss having you at deCordova, but we have been working hard to bring the hive spirit of creativity and community into your homes. The cornerstones of camp are the same. Each week is a different theme inspired by art, nature, and imaginations. Campers will create extraordinary artworks from traditional and unconventional materials.

What does the day look like?

Campers and Instructors will have 2.5-3 hours of direct contact in the mornings. There will be hive-wide conversations, group collaborations, movement/mindfulness activities, and supported making time. Before lunch, Instructors will share a invitation to play. Invitations to play are screen-free questions or ideas for your children that encourage art and nature explorations inside and out. Afternoons are independent from Instructors. Campers can keep busy with the invitation to play, watching How-to videos demonstrating materials and art-making techniques, videos that dive deeper into the inspirational artwork, artists, and museum practices, movement videos, and more. Of course, campers can continue working on their art too. At the end of each day, campers are invited to post about their independent afternoon activities and questions that came up for discussion the next morning. See sample routine in the green block.


Each week our capacity is 50 campers divided into groups of up to 10. Our intention is to keep like ages together. Because of access to screens, we'll also be keeping siblings together (unless parents request otherwise).

Nature of Hive art-making & grownup support during camp

Art-making at the hive is intentionally designed for campers to create without the assistance of grownups. Grownups at home are not expected to lead or be relied upon for art-making. Campers will experiment with art-making techniques, but this is not a camp for mastering traditional skills. We are looking for campers to find innovative solutions to creation challenges. We are process based. There's no one way to create or explore materials.


We will be utilizing two online platforms Zoom and Seesaw. Some campers might need a grownup to help with technology (logging into platforms, posting etc). 


There are some basic supplies we hope you'll have at home already like scissors, paper, mark making tools (pencils, crayons, or markers, etc). You might have a treasure trove of unconventional art-making materials around your home already. For a starting place, please see our list on deCordova's ARTfull at Home Creativity Prompts page. Included in the registration fee is a Hive Camper Supplies Kit, filled with off-beat and unusual materials and tools in keeping with the hive's focus on materials-based experimenting will be available for curbside pickup at deCordova. If you live outside of driving distance from deCordova, we will happily mail the Kit to you. There will be a shipping fee.

What else will we need at home?

A dedicated space/surface where your camper(s) can work all week with access to a screen. Some projects won't be finished in a day. Some might need drying time. On Mondays, Instructors will chat with campers about their at home studios. Please think about where an at home studio makes sense for your family (and pets).

Family Invitation to deCordova

Families are invited to visit deCordova's campus to see the outdoor art inspirations and to add to a new ongoing cumulative community made sculpture. More information to come about the project. Your family's visit is included in your camper's registration fee. Families will need to reserve timed passes as deCordova's outdoor Sculpture Park is now open in a controlled manner to limit overcrowding.