Multiple Weeks Available


July 27-31, 9:00AM-12:00PM; Creative and Contemporary Sculpture Techniques

This class explores a variety of foundational 3d techniques while in conversation about art works found here on the grounds of deCordova.  Projects include working with wire, wood, paper, plaster and creating virtual 3d worlds and objects.  Students will be inspired by themes from contemporary art and social justice. 

Classes will be structured each day with artist presentations, technique demonstrations, guided studio time, and discussions.  The course will conclude with a group critique and celebration of student work.  REGISTER

August 3-7, 9:30AM-12:30PM; Trees Mend Us 

Trees, like humans, are complex beings. They have memories, conversations, friends, family members, and creative energy, just like people do. This workshop explores the ways in which nature can help us cope with our rapidly changing lives and with our increasingly complex world.  What can we learn from trees about the possibilities of our new reality? How can trees help us to be thriving, creative, and generous members of our communities?   

In this class, we will explore how to stay connected in these unusual times through art. Specifically, we will focus on community, relationships and communication. By drawing inspiration from Josephine Halvorson’s Measure (Tree) and from Karl Blossfeld’s photography, along with a larger diverse group of makers, writers, and performers from deCordova, we will discover, analyze, and learn from nature’s influence on our lives.   REGISTER

Members: $200
Not-Yet-Members: $250

Summer Studio is for teens 13+, if you are interested in learning about more offerings for different ages, please visit the hive.

Past Classes


July 20-24, 9:30AM-12:30PM; Creative Lettering

Turn your words into art with hand lettering! We’ll cover lettering basics, proportions, font styles, layouts, and modern calligraphy. You’ll learn how to make compositional design choices and add decorative elements like flourishes, banners and frames to make your work stand out! We’ll complete several projects to practice your lettering skills, like DIY greeting cards, envelope art, wall art, and signage. We’ll also develop our own original lettering fonts.  Students will also get a sneak peek of upcoming exhibition, Visionary New England, and artwork in deCordova’s collection that features hand lettering.


July 6-10, 2-5PM; Animation Fundamentals

This week-long course investigates the fundamentals of traditional animation and through a fine arts approach. Projects feature techniques in stop motion, pixelation, drawn under the camera, experimental and the digital world. Daily meetings consist of artist presentations and media demonstrations along with guided open studio time and feedback critiques. REGISTER

July 13-17, 9:30AM-12:30PM; Digital Photography

Learn how to use your digital camera to take great photographs! Understand and master the controls of your camera, gain a deeper awareness of light, both natural and flash, and learn how to use principles of composition to create strong, compelling images. We will take pictures indoors and outdoors and experiment with different subjects, depth of field, and shooting motion. Each day will have a slideshow lecture or demonstration, a creative practical assignment, group critique, and time for individuals to troubleshoot with the instructor. REGISTER