Does my child have to have artistic talent, experience, or predisposition to participate in this program?

NO! Curiosity and creativity are at the heart of the program which uses artistic processes and thinking to explore the world with their hands, bodies, and minds. Artistically inclined campers will be working alongside those inclined toward science, culture, and community to develop ideas and collaborative projects that harness the hive’s collective knowledge and passions.

What will my child take away from this experience?

Campers will experience how artists are using artistic, scientific, literary, and social tools to explore contemporary ideas and discover how they can use their unique skills and perspectives to ask questions and solve problems of their own. The program builds social skills, ingenuity, adaptability, and creativity, while being fun and energizing.

How does the collaboration work? How are the ages divided?

The hive is separated into two sections: one for 5–7 year olds and another for 8–12 year olds. Within each section, campers will be placed in small groups of up to ten or fourteen with campers of similar ages. Half of the day, the groups within each section come together to work on one collaborative project. While the 5–7 year olds and 8–12 year olds will be working on discrete projects, they will be related in theme and inspiration. We believe collaboration and cross-fertilization promote creativity, cooperation, and innovation and that combining different ages, abilities, experiences, and ideas leads to new and exciting discoveries or everyone!

Will my child bring home art at the end of each day?

Your child may bring home art, but it is not guaranteed. The hive focuses on exploring big artistic ideas rather than teaching specific technical skills and generating assignments. Campers will experiment with new and diverse materials, discover new definitions of art and nature, create short-lived sculptures in the landscape, record their experiences through writing, drawing, or mapping, and, of course, build large-scale collaborative installations. We hope they bring home stories, new ideas, a sense of artistic adventure, and new friends!

More questions?

Additional questions about the hive:
Sarah Brockway, Camp Director and deCordova's Manager of Youth and Family Programs, or 781.259.3604.

Questions regarding financial assistance and registration:
Donna Berube, Education Associate, or 781.259.3603.

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