Certified as a Sustainable Business Leader through the Sustainable Business Network of Massachusetts in October 2014, deCordova has completed 70+ green initiatives to date. DeCordova is proud to integrate environmentally responsible materials, systems, and management practices into its daily operations.


The institution has implemented a robust recycling process, with single stream recycling bins available for staff members and visitors alike.

Light Efficiency

DeCordova has made a complete lighting transition to LED and other energy efficient lights in the galleries, throughout the grounds, and in administrative offices.

Energy Conservation

To conserve energy, deCordova has made significant improvements in building insulation, weatherizing, and temperature controls. Public restrooms have been upgraded with more efficient faucets, soap dispensers, and paper towel dispensers, all of which use eco-friendly products.

Environmentally Conscious Products

There has been a shift to more green products in the Café, including reusable tableware and biodegradable, recycled paper products. DeCordova will use environmentally-friendly printing products and practices as often as possible. Additionally, a greater range of sustainable and eco-friendly products are available in the Store.